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Josep, EA3AKY

Tue Sep 11 2012, 11:19AM
Hi all

Our team is working in next year expedition after our last one as D64K. I have been trying to find a good survey for 6 meters most wanted and unfortunately very few information is available and the few found i don't think they show what 6m Dxers need.

Maybe UKSMG could arrange a 6m survey in order to know what dxcc are more needed ? What do you think?

73 Josep EA3AKY

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Dai, G8FXM
Tue Sep 11 2012, 03:08PM

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Hi Joseph, I'd be happy to publish a Six Metre Most Wanted List. All I need is for everyone to send me their view on their most wanted to and once I have enough info to make a meaningful list, ill publish it.
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