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David, G8LZE

Sat Sep 04 2010, 01:55PM
As a result of the discussions regarding proposed beacon re-allocation it seemed to me that we may have an almost unique opportunity to re-shape our band.

Below are my thoughts open for discussion and criticism by all.

At the Region 1 IARU meeting held during March 2010 in Vienna David Butler, G4ASR, proposed moving the beacon sub band from 50.000 - 50.080 MHz to 50.400 – 50.500 MHz and to allocate 50.000 – 50.100 MHz for telegraphy exclusive use.

Subsequently many opinions have been aired and the proposal in its existing form is largely opposed by UKSMG. However, in the ensuing debate two common views emerged.

Firstly, changing the beacon sub-band in 2012 does not allow sufficient time to ensure a smooth transition to the new frequencies and changes should not take place during a sun spot maxima, and

Secondly, re-organisation of the beacons offers a rare opportunity to re-examine the complete band plan.

The existing IARU 50 MHz band plan was adopted in 1984 with slight amendments in 1996 and some minor tinkering, largely on a national basis, since then.

Many new and emerging technologies need a band allocation, whilst
improving equipment specifications also have an impact.

The objective is to achieve a coherent, multi-regional resolution to the band plan issue not merely the issues concerning beacon sub band re-allocation.

It must be remembered that any band plan is voluntary but the more logical and coherent it is the more likely it is to be adhered to.

Any band plan will be a compromise and will not/cannot satisfy every special interest group.

National Societies, lead by either the existing VHF Manager or by an individual appointed specifically for the task, should consult with local interest groups and individuals with specific expertise to define key criteria and a “wish list” to give an outline shape to a revised bandplan.

IARU vhf/uhf delegates should examine this information and assess the degree of communality and, taking account of any specific region requirements, propose an outline multi-regional revised band plan.

This should be referred back to the initial National proposers for comment, suggestions and development.

Regular communication between all interested parties should result in an iterative process with revised information being passed through the chain.

A revised band plan will then emerge which will, of course, be a compromise but due to the detailed two way communication all should appreciate why the band plan has the shape it does even if it does not fulfil individual wishes.

Agreement for the new reasoned, multi-regional band plan should be reached by the end of 2014 with National Societies responsible for implementation by the end of 2017. This will include any relocation of beacons.

The opportunity to modify and modernise the current band plan should be wholeheartedly embraced, creating a framework for the six metre band for the next twenty-five years.
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Murray, G6JYB
Wed Sep 22 2010, 09:49PM
Murray, G6JYB
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Hi David

I agree there is an opportunity but there some diary dates coming up rather faster than that 6yr timetable:-
The first is Sat 9-Oct-2010 - 6m is one topic of the 'Beacons and Bandplans' session at the RSGB Convention!
(along with 70cm and 23cm)
- so do pop along for a chat:)

Next up is on the international front as the Calling Notice for IARU-R1 SunCity 2011 is already out. The UK Deadline for first drafts is before Xmas (and ideally in outline in time for the UKSMG rep to discuss at the RSGB Spectrum Forum mtg on Nov-20th prior to RSGB signoff in January for conference submission. SunCity itself is Aug-2011:

I would point out that If nothing new is submitted then the previous proposal may remain on the agenda for Sun City
(which of course may speed up your thinking - inc Trevors two-subband idea in 6 News)

What cannot be predicted in the longer term is whether the 6m Band in Region-1 may finally feature in a future ITU WRC Agenda Item (6m is not actually an ITU Region-1 amateur allocation!!) - but it is in the wish list and could be very influential on the band if it did make it thru (perhaps at WRC-16 or WRC-20)


Murray G6JYB

PS - Drafts to G4ASR please, but I would appreciate a cc
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Kerry, G8VR
Sun Sep 25 2011, 04:14PM
Kerry, G8VR
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This whole situation is crazy. In my opinion serious 6 meter users have been saddled with ideas that they don't want and are not compatible with other regions. I'm giving a big thumbs down to the whole thing, it's absolutely ridiculous. I can't understand how on earth it got this far.
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Kerry, G8VR
Sun Sep 25 2011, 04:16PM
Kerry, G8VR
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And I don't blame UKSMG....
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